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Transactions of Materials Processing is published six times(Feb., Apr., Jun., Aug., Oct., Dec.) each year by The Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity. It was launched in 1991. The correct abbreviation for abstracting and indexing purposes is ‘Trans. Mater. Process.’


Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscript should be submitted online at the journal homepage (http://www.kstp.or.kr).Pleaselogontotheonlinesubmissionsystemanduploadallofyourmanuscriptfilesfollowingtheinstructions.

Types of Paper

- Researcher Paper: papers are complete reports of original research of high scientific quality that have not previously been published. The contents of paper should be related to the materials processing. The page limit is 8 printed pages.

- Review: review articles should present and critically evaluate the current state of the field to point the reader to trends and future developments and to give a selection of important references to the current literature. The page limit is 6 printed pages.

- Lecture: Articles which explain the well-known theory and technology related to the materials processing. The page limit is 6 printed pages.

- News: The suggestive news related to the materials processing can be published in the journal. The page limit is 2 printed pages.

- Letter to the Editor: Letters to the Editor are the medium for the discussion and/or exchange of opinions regarding material published in journal or general opinion about general matter concerning to KSTP. The page limit is 2 printed pages.

Publication Charges

The charge for paper within 6 pages is 200,000 KRW. An excess page charge of 30,000 Won per page. The article including acknowledgement for financial support can only be published with extra charge of 100,000 KRW. The charge of express articles is the twice as much as that of the regular article.

Peer-review process

- Each manuscript that is received by the journal should be reviewed by following process.

- The submitted manuscripts are treated as confidential. They are peer-reviewed by 2 anonymous reviewers selected by editors.

- Reviewer returns manuscript to the Editor with an evaluation and comments.

- The manuscript accepted by both reviewers can be published in the journal. The editor can decide the acceptance of manuscript based on third reviewers’ evaluation and comments when two reviewers opinion is different.

- The rejected manuscript can only be resubmitted to the journal with proper improvement.

Preparation of Manuscripts

- Manuscript must contain the following contents: Title, Author names and affiliations, Key Word, Abstract, Abbreviations, Introduction, body (Theory/calculation, Experimental, Results, Discussions), Conclusion, References, Appendices.

- Keywords and abstract should be written in Korean and English.

- Abstract should not exceed 600 Characters and include graphics and references.

- The table and figure captions should be written in English.

- All references to other papers, books, etc., must be given at the end of the paper in English. They should be numbered in sequence starting at the beginning of the paper. The numbers (in brackets) should appear in the text at the appropriate places. Journal names should be abbreviated properly.


(1) W. Journals: Author, year, Title, Journal Title, Vol., No., pageA. A. Goldenberg, A. Bezerghi, 1985, A Preview Approach to Force Control of Robot Manipulators, Met. Mater. Int. Vol. 20, No. 5, pp. 449~464.

(2) Conference Proceedings or Books: Author, year, Proceedings (editor) or Book, publisher, place, pageT. K. Ha, Y. W. Chang, 1995, Proc. 2nd Pacific Rim Int. Conf. on Adv. Mater. & Process.(eds. K. S. Shin, J. K. Yoon, S. J. Kim), Korean Inst. Metals & Mater., Gyongju, Korea, p. 253. J. P. Hirth, J. Loathe, 1982, Theory of Dislocations, 2nd ed., John Wiley & Sons, New York. pp. 764~774.

(3) Web-page: Author, year, Title, URL.D. Becker, 1994, The Beowulf Project, http://www.beowulf.org.

(4) Thesis: Author, year, Thesis, university, place, page. C. H. Kim, 2005, Ph. D. Thesis, Daehan University, Seoul, pp. 97~116.